Hardwood Flooring Vs. Carpet: A Cost Comparison

If you’re trying to make a decision between carpet and hardwood flooring, here are some numbers that may help you:


1. Good carpet (fully installed: carpet, padding and installation included) costs around $27-$40/sq. yd. (or $3-$4.45/sq. ft.).


2. Hardwood flooring price has several components:

-Hardwood itself:  $4/sq. ft. – $7/sq. ft. This range covers a broad selection of good intermediate quality hardwood flooring products.

-Installation cost:  $2/85- $3/sq. ft. (This includes adhesive.)

-Take out of existing flooring:

Carpet:  $.15/sq. ft.

Hard surface:  $2/sq. ft.   (hardwood, stone or ceramic)

-Trim costs: This involves what to do with you baseboards, whether you’ll need t-molds where you wood butts up against your hard surface, etc.


Add the various costs up and you’ll see the following:

-Carpet:  $3-$4.45/sq. ft.

-Hardwood:  $6.85-$10/sq. ft.


So, as a rough conclusion, hardwood flooring is usually 2.5 to 3 times as expensive as carpet, particularly if your home requires the removal of an existing hard surface flooring.