Over the last 2-3 years, the colors available in hardwood flooring have changed. For years, the general categories of hardwood flooring colors included brown, brown with orange or yellow, and a range of light colored maple products. Although there were a large range of surface textures available in hardwood flooring (ranging from smooth contemporary to heavily handscraped southwestern or tuscan), there were few contemporary colors, eg, black and various shades of gray. Now, however, contemporary colors have become much more common in hardwood flooring. There are a wide range of grays available, from light to dark in a variety of textures and finishes (eg, oil finished, aluminum oxide or polyurethane). Although there are still very few blacks in hardwood flooring, whites and creams are now ┬áreadily available, again in a variety of finishes. So, if contemporary is the direction you want to go in, hardwood flooring has definitely produced a range of colors that you can work with in a variety of finishes. Take a look. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised.